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Farah - Brink's France

We took some time out to find out a little bit about Farah, from Brink’s France, who works in the operations team. Here’s what she had to say about her experience at Brink’s….

Headshot of a woman in a business suit

What is your job and which country do you work in?

I’ve been recently asked to lead on the strategy for Brink’s France. It’s a challenge as its more global than my previous role and I’m still building a new team and department.

When did you join Brink’s?

I have been 4 years at Brinks, and currently in my third role. I initially joined Brink’s as project lead.

What have been your highlights so far?

The highlight has been getting deeply involved in large-scale, impactful strategic initiatives for Brink’s! 

Why do you continue to work for Brink’s?

I get the opportunity to work on a global scale and on a broad range of subjects. I enjoy getting to collaborate with different teams, as well as working on high-impact and value projects. I feel like I’m really able to drive change and deliver results that are really impacting Brinks as an organization.

You’ve recently completed the company’s internal development scheme- The Future Leader Programme. Tell us a little bit about this.

I was part of the very first cohort of Future Leaders. The programme gave me a different view of Brink’s and the opportunity to build an international network. It also gave me insight into different ways of leadership.

What bit did you find particularly helpful or enjoyable on the Future Leaders Programme?

The whole program was a highlight! It gave such a variety of skills for me to use in my work and has helped accelerate my career within Brink’s.