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Brink's People Care

We prioritize our people's well-being by creating a supportive environment for both professional growth and personal happiness.

Diversity and Inclusion

We take pride in having a highly diverse workforce, and actively promote and celebrate diversity throughout our organization.

That's why our European Diversity & Inclusion Council, led by the Executive Vice President for our region, meets quarterly to discuss our shared aspirations and develop strategies for a more inclusive workplace. In the coming year, we have planned three interactive workshops that will be accessible to all colleagues.

We prioritize diversity and inclusion by providing comprehensive training to our managers. We firmly believe that our leaders should embody our values, which is why we offer Diversity & Inclusion Training to every manager across our business. Likewise, we are proud to announce that all of our current managers have successfully completed this course.  In Ireland, we actively participate in Pride every year by proudly showcasing our Brink's Pride trucks!

Join the Women's Network Group

All Brink’s women are welcome to join the Women’s Network Group at Brink’s. The group aims to create an environment at Brink’s that provides guidance, support and safe space to speak, share and learn.

Established in 2022, our community has grown to around 150 members. Our efforts are divided into three key streams: Communication Events, Health in the Workplace and Learning & Development. From insightful webinars on Breast Cancer Awareness to coping with stress, we've initiated discussions that matter. We celebrated International Women’s Day and hosted a special Christmas event. There’s much more to come!

In tandem with the Women’s Network is the Plus One Initiative. This innovative scheme asks every manager to hire, promote and/or develop one woman in their local organization. We hope to see many women enjoy greater success due to the initiative. 

Our Values


●    Our goal is to bring every employee home safe every night.
●    We take pride in keeping our customers’ valuables safe and secure.

Customer Focus

●    We put our customers first in everything that we do.
●    We understand our customers’ needs and find ways to transform their experience.
●    We have high standards and make sure that we provide value and deliver results.


●    We act with honour and integrity.
●    We respect each other, our company, our customers and our communities.


●    We promote open, direct, and constructive communication.
●    We inspire employees to do an excellent job every day.

Continuous Improvement

●    We find ways to improve our processes and our performance.
●    We empower our people to think creatively and work differently.
●    We embrace and drive change.

Diversity & Inclusion

●    We include everyone and appreciate people with diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives.
●    We build a sense of belonging, so all employees feel respected, safe and valued.
●    We provide equal opportunity to participate and grow.

Our Environment and Community

From installing solar panels in our cash centers in Mexico to launching an initiative to train Ukrainian refugees in Romania, to increasing the number of electric vehicles in our fleet, we are serious about reducing our impact on the environment and supporting the communities where we work.

In Ireland, we have installed solar panels on all of the newest additions to our fleet which is greatly decreasing carbon emissions!

Every country engages with its own community and offers the help and support needed locally. Brink’s People are given the opportunity to volunteer in their local area and help out where it’s needed.