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Mark - Brink's Ireland

We took some time out to find out a little bit about Mark, from Brink’s Ireland, who leads the operations team. Here’s what he had to say about his experience at Brink’s…

Headshot of a man in a suit

What does it mean to be leading the Operations in Ireland?

It means looking after all aspects of our cash services business in Ireland. This includes the ATMs, cash processing centres and our main centre of operations in Dublin. 

When did you join Brink’s?

In 2001, I joined Securicor, which was then taken over by Brink’s.

What has been your own career journey with Brink’s so far?

I’d been made redundant and saw that Securicor was recruiting for drivers. In April 2002, I got a promotion to ATM supervisor. In 2008, I moved out of Dublin and there was a new branch opening in Athlone and they were looking for a branch manager.

I applied and got that job. It was a small satellite branch, but it was a good branch. In 2012, I took on a Regional Branch Manager role for Athlone, Galway and Sligo and then in April 2014, I took on another regional role which covered Waterford, Cork and Limerick branches- it was a busy time!

In 2016, I took on a national role as Head of ATM, which held the responsibility of looking after the ATMs in the whole country, and also the ATMs in Northern Ireland. It was an interesting role that was focused heavily on our customers. 

In 2019, I was asked to help out with our cash centres, particularly our new centre opening in Dublin, which is one of the biggest cash centres in Europe! In 2022, I took on the role of Head of Operations for Brink’s Ireland, which was responsible for all ATMs in the country, as well as the Dublin branch.

22 years later, and I have undertaken so many different roles. Each role has provided new and exciting challenges and experiences!

As you look back over the last 22 years, what have been your highlights?

I had only been with the company for 8 months when the currency changed over to the Euro, so that was an exciting time. I was a driver and engineer at that stage, and we had to change all the machines over to the new currency; the Euro. That was a challenging but very rewarding time.

Another highlight was 2008, when we opened up the Athlone branch which was a brand new branch. It meant taking it from a warehouse space to a fully operational branch. It was interesting and rewarding to see new staff coming in with new facilities such as a canteen and changing rooms. 

And then there was the time we moved to our new premises in Dublin in 2019. That was a huge task in moving the largest branch with the largest cash holding. There was so much planning involved. 

My final highlight is moving to become a part of Brink’s in 2020. Brink’s is an established global company, and it’s been great to collaborate with many colleagues across Europe.

Why do you continue to work for Brink’s?

There really is a great culture within Brink’s. There’s a sense and feeling of inclusion and belonging. You hear people talking about ‘being part of the Brink’s family’, which is true. It feels like a family. Everybody is welcoming and everybody is down to earth.