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What does a typical application process look like at Brinks?

Once you have completed your application, one of our recruiters will review and assess your CV against the requirements of the role. Any other documents that you have chosen to send e.g. a covering letter, will also be reviewed. Once this step is done, you will then be contacted by the recruiter and advised on the outcome of your application. You may receive an email or call.

If you are successful at this first step, you will be invited to attend an interview which can be done virtually, over the telephone, or in person at a Brink’s branch. The interview could be with the recruiter, and/or the hirer, but we will always make sure that you understand where you need to be and with whom, and what to expect.

Some roles may require a form of testing, but your recruiter will guide you and let you know what is involved. If you require any assistance to support you in any aspect of our recruitment process, please contact